Answer People About Bitcoins At All Times

why do you always respond and answer people who dont know anything about bitcoin mining and want to start mining, but yet are way to lazy to read up and research everything on their own? it seems like every tom , dick, and harry come on here for an easy answer on what and how to do.

your response to them SHOULD be to read up more information on the net because everything they want to know is on the internet somewhere. Its kind of a slap in the face to those miners who have been doing it

Isn’t that what they are doing coming to this site? Researching? There is nothing wrong with answering a question for a newb. What I think you mean to say is these people will possibly be competing with us some day and we shouldn’t be encouraging them to get into mining?

I don’t answer every question I get. For example I don’t answer EVERY question about how much money will be made mining bitcoin. That makes up about ½ the questions asked here.