What Is Bitcoin Miner?

Know About Bitcoin

Satoshi Nakamoto was the creator of Bitcoin. Bitcoin is a kind of cryptocurrency that is stored and created eletronically. There is no group or institution controls Bitcoin that is why it is a decentralized currency.

Printed normal currencies like euro, dollars indian rupee or pounds are not the same as Bitcoin which is not a printed one.

By solving complicated mathematical problems, Bitcoin can be generated by people digitally. It is a type of digital currency. We can also call it mining by means of using power of computer.

The world can only produce 21 million of Bitcoins and that is derived by its algorithm of coding, a protocol where one cannot make unlimited BTC.

On the other hand, Bitcoin can be divided into smaller pieces of parts. The smallest part that is one hundred million of one Bitcoin is also known as satoshi, it was named after the founder of Bitcoin.

Once you sent your Bitcoin to someone, there is no chance of having them back except it will be return by the recipient. They will evaporate forever.

Bitcoin uses wallets for Bitcoin transaction such as sending and receiving it electronically and for security purposes it will be digitally signed. There are only Bitcoin transaction records not Bitcoin itself in the wallet.

A private key and a Bitcoin address were primary needed in order for you to send Bitcoins. Hence, Bitcoin address is randomly generated and it is compose of letters and numbers. On the other hand, you will be keeping the private key because it is different from Bitcoin address in purpose. Private keys are also compose of numbers and letters.

How Bitcoin Mining Operates

All the time nowadays, huge number of people were sending Bitcoins all over the internet. There is a difficulty on tracking the transactions like who were sending to whom, in order to comply that, Bitcoin's transaction records on a certain period of time will be listed in a block.

At this moment, miners will be taking care of it as confirmation on those transaction and will be writing them on a thing called ledger.

Bitcoin archives every details of every single transaction that has been happening all over the network on an expanded version of a ledger which is called Blockchain.

Blockchain is a general ledger that has a very long enumeration of blocks. There is a constant update on every block in the Bitcoin network that is given to everybody for them to be able to know what happens inside the network.

It is important that your ledger can be trusted. The role of a miner came into picture.

Miners will be doing their process when there is a created block of transactions. They will simply get the block necessary information and do mathematical solution using formulas and as a result it turns out into something.

That something that we are talking about is called hash and it is compose of letters and numbers. During that period of time, that hash is put together with the block on the tip of the blockchain.

How Miners Got Bitcoins

There is a competition between other miners on creating Hash using code which I particular written thru mine blocks. Every time there is a successful Hash created by someone, 25 BTC were given as reward and it will update the blockchain as well. That reward are incentives for processing the transaction.

It is just easy to generate hash but the difficulty comes from the Bitcoin network itself and it is due to the algorithm used that should be harder and harder overtime. Bitcoin protocol is only accepting hashes that looks differently like having zeros as a start of it and doesn’t accept old hash either.

Miners utilize a random bit of data(called nonce) to make hash\blocks they don't upset other individuals information. Nonce utilized with the exchange information to make a hash.If the hash doesn't fit the required configuration, the nonce is changed, and the entire thing is hashed once more.

It can take many endeavors to discover a nonce that works, and every one of the diggers in the system are attempting to do it in the meantime. That is the way excavators win their bitcoins.

Buy and Sell Bitcoins

Bitcoin can be purchase or sell easily nowadays. It has been all over the world and it is being used by fast growing number of merchants worldwide. You can store Bitcoins by using Bitcoin wallets.


ASIC or Application Specific Integrated Circuit is device to process SHA-256 problems of hashing in mining new Bitcoins. It is a silicon chip for just mining Bitcoins only.

Bitcoin ATM

Bitcoin ATM were located on any part of the continent and it is a physical machine aiming to provide services for Bitcoin users to purchase Bitcoins using cash.