Stealthcoin or Bitcoin - Botnet Edition

Stealthcoin, or "Bitcoin: Botnet Edition"Stealthcoin is a wrapper and a modified bitcoind client that mines gently on a Windows system with minimal impact to the user.

The CPU mining occurs at a slower rate than is otherwise possible, especially compared to other CPU miners, however in a scenario such as a computer lab, the software can run 24x7 regardless of how the computer is otherwise used.

In the computer lab example the owner of the equipment has allowed Stealthcoin to be installed.  Because this variant of miner provides the ability for it to be run without notice, it will likely also end up being used in situations where the owner of equipment has not given permission.  This might occur on systems whose security has been compromised.

A network of such systems is called a “botnet” and it has been predicted that botnet “herders” (operators) will discover Bitcoin mining.  There is profit potential for CPU mining yet when the the cost of electricity consumed is not realized, which will occur on compromised systems.

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