Spondoolies-Tech claims new 2.1 TH/kW bitcoin ASIC

Promo image for the Spondoolies-Tech Yukon

Big claims are nothing new in the bitcoin mining world, but if the leaked specs for their SP-30 “Yukon” miner are accurate, Spondoolies-Tech may just have a breakout product. The Israeli bitcoin mining hardware maker claims that its new miner will have an effective hash rate of 5.4-6.6 TH/s at 2500W.

The Yukon is built around a new line of 28nm RockerBox ASICs, packing 30 chips into each unit. Each chip runs at 200 GH/s, with a voltage range of 0.63V – 0.8V, resulting in about 0.34W per GH/s. At standard clock speeds, the Yukon miner is expected to deliver 2.1 TH/kW, with overclocking and downclocking available as needed.

Spondoolies-Tech expects the Yukon to ship in late summer. At a launch price of $5,095, the Yukon would be one of the most cost-effective mining rigs on the market. That said, even if the leaked specs are accurate and the rig lives up to the hype – both pretty big “ifs” – there is still some reason for frugal-minded miners to hold off on buying the Yukon.

Spondoolies-Tech claims to have an even more efficient ASIC nearing tape-out, which it expects to debut in Q4.