Open Air Aluminum Tray

Aluminum Open Air Bitcoin Rig Trays

Bitcoin user Rich Chomiczewski builds lightweight aluminum trays for elegantly housing all the components that go into a Bitcoin mining rig.  Rich posts on the BitcoinTalk forum as Spotswood.

With many mining rigs sporting multiple graphics cards, PCI-E extenders, custom airflow cooling methods and more causing bizarre looking frankenminer configurations, these trays will help allow everything to be properly arranged and mounted securely.

While this isn’t the only commercially available open-air alternative the need to keep plenty of space between cards requires PCI-E extenders, so most mining operators build a custom  chassis or repurpose some standard shelving into a makeshift rig.  These aluminum trays then are a slick alternative.

Sadly, bitcoins are not accepted for payment when ordering – PayPal only (Rich, what’s the deal with that?).