Mining Contracts Vladimir

Whole lotta mining going on!

The photo shows a shelf of mining rigs in Vladimir’s datacenter.

His service sells mining contracts for a specific level of mining output that is measured in terms of GHash/second of mining capacity.

The amount of bitcoins returned daily over the life of the contract will vary as Bitcoin difficulty adjusts.

Mining under such a contract provides the buyer a method to acquire “newly minted”, or virgin bitcoins without requiring the investment and expertise that operating a Bitcoin miner encompasses.  Virgin coins have not previously been spent thus using coins in this state might increase the ability to transact anonymously.

At the current difficulty level of 92348, a 1 GHash/s contract returns about 10.89 BTC daily.   A common dedicated rig configuration has two ATI HD 5970s, will cost $1,500 or more and can generate roughly 1.2 GHash/s.  The configuration of GPU hardware used by the rigs in the photo is unknown.

There are multiple vendors advertising mining contracts for sale.