KnCMiner announces new Titan Scrypt ASIC specs

Swedish mining hardware maker KnCMiner has released new details about their forthcoming Titan Scrypt line. The company claims that the new 28nm chips are capable of delivering at least 300MH/s, blowing away their previous estimate of 100MH/s. The Titan chassis will contain four of these ASICs, delivering around 1.2GH/s per unit.

Each of the Titan’s ASICs will include 2,284 cores, allowing each chip to run 18,727 threads. If it works as promised, this means that the completed Titan unit will consist of an impressive 9,136 cores handling 73,088 threads. The unit is currently available for pre-order at $9,995 (BTC or bank transfer), with an estimated delivery date of late Q2/early Q3.

If accurate, this puts KnCMiner in the front of the race for overall Scrypt hash power, although it has a serious profitability rival in the low-power Innosilicon Terminator A2 line. Although its 1.8MH/s chips are no match for the Titan line in terms of hashing power, its humble 10W power draw per chip could allow it to stand toe to toe with the 300W per chip KnCMiner.

KnCMiner could definitely use a boost from some good news. The company’s late-to-ship Super Jupiter line prompted customer outrage earlier in the month due to units arriving “broken, damaged and quite frankly unusable,” prompting an expensive replacement process.