Is it worth it to even try for solving a block or two?

I have an older 1.6 gig box with older decent graphics card. If I join a pool (slush) is it worth it to even try for solving a block or two? Electricity high and outdated hardware.

Box will be dedicated, stay on always though. I started programming Bitcoin API stuff into ecommerce app, and became interested for the novelty of it at this point. Great site man. Thanks.

Thank you for the kind words and fellow interest in Bitcoins and mining. I try to do my best but run a little behind answering questions from time to time as I get so many. I would say that in your situation it all depends on what kind of graphics card you are using as that is the main determinant.

I wouldn’t say that it would be worthless to try, but that you are probably going to end up paying more in electricity than you make in Bitcoin on average.Check out this site to see what your GPU cando: check out this site to get an idea of how profitable/unprofitable it would be: