HPCWire Coinlab GPU Cluster

HPCWire - Digital Gold Rush Powered by GPUsRob Gelber @(@RGelber) writes on HPCwire about how CoinLab (@CoinLab) plans to put its customer’s fleet of GPUs to work in a new way.  Excerpts:

“[CoinLab’s] contributors form a crowd-sourced supercomputer, powered by off-the-shelf gaming GPUs. The cluster is constantly crunching out the encryption to earn Bitcoins.”-“New [ASIC] equipment has some GPU users feeling doubtful about the future of their mining operations. ‘People are pretty bearish about the long-term prospects of GPU mining on the Bitcoin network,’ said Koss.

''There are miners who built these $100,000 hardware installations and they’re asking ’''do I sell it right now or do I hold on?’”-“[CoinLab hopes] to have HPC users kick the tires on their cluster. If everything works out, they could eventually rent cycles out to researchers.”

 - http://bit.ly/SMDA26 (HPCwire article) - http://bit.ly/Rgakkr (Further discussion of the article and CoinLab’s GPU cluster) - Twitter: @BitcoinMiner