Guidelines to Start Buying and Investing Bitcoins

Investing Bitcoins

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a digital currency system which is decentralized, person to person, fashioned to provide users online the capacity to have transaction using a digital unit for exchange which is prominently known as Bitcoin. In simple terms, it is some sort of a virtual currency.

The system of Bitcoin was developed around 2009 by unrevealed programmer(s). Since that time, Bitcoin has been given not only a massive attention but also controversies with regards to being an alternative to Euros, USD as well as commodity currencies like gold and silver.

Rise to Popularity

Bitcoin was not given a lot of attention in the business and finance world earlier than year 2009. Its popularity rose in the year 2011-2012 upon gaining over 300%. Bitcoin’s value increased to 400% since the month of August last year. In line with this result, global investors and venture capital firms have paid much attention to detail with this cryptocurrency.

During the first six months of 2014, as much as 57 million USD was invested by venture capital firms in Bitcoin during the first quarter. It was followed by 73 million USD during the second quarter which totals to 130 million USD, making it half greater compared to the total last year which was 88 million USD. This result is contrary to the situation in 2012 in which Bitcoin firms gathered an insufficient sum of only 2.2 million USD.

The statistical results have proven beyond reasonable doubt that Bitcoin is really worthy to be invested in, with the question that follows, how do you purchase and how to invest in Bitcoin?

A simple guideline for Bitcoin’s newbie investors

The simpliest and effortless way to invest in BTC is through bitcoin buying. There are several well established firms, located primarily not only in the US but also abroad, who are so engrossed in the bitcoin buying and selling business. Bitcoin is abbreviated as BTC.


For people residing in the U.S., you can consider Coinbase as your perfect spot. Coinbase provides its customers with bitcoin at a supposed mark up of one percent additional to the current market price. U.S. residents can choose to sync their banks accounts and Coinbase wallets. In line with this scenario, payment transfers in the future will surely be a hassle-free one.

This company will also provide you the privilege to buy bitcoin automatically from time to time. For example, if you plan to buy $50 in bitcoins during the first day of each month, Coinbase enables you to set and schedule up and automatic buy for that certain amount.

Always take note of the company’s terms and conditions ahead before you start to utilize their service. If you happen to subscribe to an auto bitcoin service, therefore you cannot really control the price in which the bitcoin is going to be bought the same day of each month. Remember that Coinbase doesn’t work as an exchange like you buy and also sell bitcoins directly from their firm. Because their firm has to get these coins from other purchaser, a delay or disruption may arise upon laying orders by the time the fast market moves.


BitStamp satisfies the conditions of a traditional bitcoin exchange. Bitcoin operates as a mediator that enables you to do trading with other users, not with their own company itself. The liquidity is really higher here and most of the time you have a great chance to catch someone who’s willing to do trading with you. There exists an initial fee equivalent to 0.5% that can just be decreased to 0.2% if you are able to trade $150,000 for just a period of three days.

Other ways to buy Bitcoins

Local Bitcoins

Exchanging is not just the sole investment method in bitcoins. Local Bitcoins is frequently utilized to purchase bitcoins offline. The website is fashioned to link possible buyers and sellers. These bitcoins remains a locker from its seller as an insurance and can just be discharged to buyers.

Offline bitcoin buying is not really safe or reliable all the time. However, it is highly favoured to meet the vendors in a broad daylight and bring a friend with you for instances where things go south.

Bitcoin cannot simply be considered an up-to-date trend. Bitcoins will be considered a respectable substitute to traditional currency in the future by venture capital firms. There are various ways for you to join the circle of bitcoin investment. As discussed before, the most famous channels for bitcoin investment in the U.S. are Coinbase, Bitstamp and also Local Bitcoins. Be sure to do your own research and try to see which among them passed through your standards.