Customers irate as KnCMiner Super Jupiter shipments arrive broken


Swedish mining hardware developer KnCMiner has been flooded with customer complaints over the last week as shipments of their “Super Jupiter” miners have been arriving broken and damaged.

Originally offered to customers who were upset with delays in the release of the soon-to-be released Neptune mining rig line, the 3 TH/s ASIC Super Jupiter was intended to be a powerful short-term solution to a rapidly rising hashrate and diving profits.

KnCMiner noted the problem on their website yesterday, citing improperly secured packaging as the problem.

So last week we really messed up. We sent out products to our customers which arrived broken, damaged and quite frankly unusable. … There is no way our customers should have to suffer because of our mistake in not properly securing the components during shipment.

The company said it is operating under the assumption that all shipments were damaged, and will send replacement cards to all customers.

The company is not requesting the return of damaged units, and will be providing video tutorials on manually replacing damaged cards.