Bucking the cloud-mining trend, Spondoolies-Tech announces new 1.7 TH/s home mine

SP20-Jackson promo image.

“As I’m sure you know, a lot of people have declared home mining to be a thing of the past,” Spondoolies-Tech VP of Marketing Gadi Glikberg recently told CryptoCoinsNews. “That however is only true if home miners do not have access to the most efficient ASIC in the market.”

Glikberg’s pointed comment comes as the Israeli company prepares to launch its latest consumer-level miner, the SP20-Jackson. Though not exactly on the bleeding edge of mining hardware specs, the 1.7 TH/s, 8-chip ASIC machine pulls a reasonable 1100 watts at the wall, and is overclockable to 1.8 TH/s.

With a $1,190 price tag, it’s not the best deal on the market, but it is priced within the range of a hobbyist. According to Glikberg, that’s the point. He told CCN that the SP20-Jackson was intended to “spread the hash rate” and put “power back in the hands of home miners.”

The hardware itself seems to still be in development, however. The company is currently taking pre-orders, with an expected ship date sometime in October.

Even if the Spondoolies-Tech hardware isn’t exceptional, there’s something to be said for a mining hardware maker giving priority to the home-mining market. With bitcoin mining becoming an increasingly industrial-scale, venture-capital driven business, many small miners are likely to be squeezed out or have to rely on bitcoin cloud mining.

With centralization an increasingly worrying problem, the existence of a robust home-mining community is more important than ever.