Become a Bitcoin Miner in 10 seconds or less

Become a Bitcoin Miner in 10 seconds or less!This Javascript-based bitcoin miner performs the exact same hashing work on your computer as is performed on the highest-end GPUs used by Bitcoin’s “nuttiest” miners.

The mining site will show you the amount of work (measured as a number of hashes per second) that the javascript miner can perform running inside your browser.

For comparison, as of the most-recent difficulty adjustment, the total amount of hashing performed on the Bitcoin network globally is about 3.1 Thash/s.  That T stands for the SI prefix tera meaning trillion.  Thus the entire Bitcoin network is performing hashing work at the rate of 3,100,000,000,000 hashes per second.

Chrome will generally be the browser software that will return the highest hash/s number for most computer systems.

A top of the line $2,200+ mining rig with dual AMD Radeon 6990s and running the latest builds of specialized miner software will hash at approximately 1.44 Ghash/s (1,4400,000,000  hashes/s) and earn just under $30 USD per day at the present difficulty level and market exchange rate.  

In other words, the Javascript miner running on the lone PC won’t yield anyone much money.  However, this javascript miner code may be added to any website such that mining is performed by any visitors to the site.  There are plenty of reasons that is not a good idea yet in some instances using the miner code in this manner is entirely acceptable.

But go ahead.  Give it a try.  Mining for bitcoins will be one more thing you can draw a line through on your bucket list.